24 October, 2022
1000 Seats
50 Speakers

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Who Speaking?

Mr.Ismael Mahir Hassan
Head of Marketing Department at Iq Option
Mr. Sayed Ewidy
Founder of the Egyptian Academy of Elliott Waves
Mr. Ahmed Rayan
CEO souqeldahb
Mr. Ahmed Zubair El Shikh
Instructor XM Live Education

Event Schedule

24 October, 2022
25 October, 2022
Time Speaker Subject Details
10:00 AM Digital Transformation and Financial Technology in Financial Markets and Investment First Speaker: Indonesia Ambassador Second Speaker: The Trade Representative of Poland Third Speaker: The Trade Representative of Kazakhstan Fourth Speaker: President of the Canadian trade council Fifth Speaker: Deputy Minister of Foreign affairs Sixth Speaker: Deputy Minister of Justice Opening session moderator: Dr. Ahmed Said International Arbitrator & International Lawyer & P.H.D in international Trade law & Founder and managing partner of LCC
11:00 AM The Future Of Offerings In The Egyptian Stock Exchange And Ways To Stimulate
12:00 PM The Future Of Global Financial Markets And A Comprehensive Analysis Of Them
1:00 PM Noor Almal Seminar
1:45 PM Tnfx Seminar
2:15 PM Infinox Seminar
2:45 PM Accuindex Seminar
3:15 PM Mex Egypt Seminar
3:45 PM Xm Seminar
4:15 PM Gold Era Seminar
4:30 PM Iq Option Seminar
5:00 PM Orbex Seminar
5:30 PM FX Borssa Seminar Sponsored by Exness
6:00 PM Easy Markets Seminar
6:30 PM One Royal Seminar
7:00 PM Delta Seminar
7:30 PM The Future Of The Gold And Commodity Markets
Time Speaker Subject Details
10:00 AM A Look At The Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, And Global Markets
11:00 AM Ways To Link The Egyptian Stock Exchange With The Financial Markets And A Live Broadcast Of The Octo
12:00 PM Tnfx Seminar
12:30 PM FX Borssa Seminar Sponsored by Exness
1:00 PM Accuindex Seminar
1:30 PM JMI Brokers Seminar
2:00 PM VANTAGE Seminar
2:30 PM Honor Seminar
3:00 PM Silwana Seminar
3:30 PM Top Fx Seminar
4:00 PM XM Seminar
4:30 PM Lite Finance Seminar
5:00 PM Noor Almal Seminar
5:45 PM Xtream Seminar
6:00 PM Fx Bear Academy Seminar
6:15 PM JM Trade Seminar
6:30 PM ACY Seminar

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