-Why participates in exhibition and Forum on Egypt for investment?

• Attend the largest gathering of general business and finance in Egypt in 2020

• View your organization in front of thousands of investors who wish to invest

• Put your company on the map of investment in Egypt and the Arab world

• You are in an unprecedented publicity campaign before the Forum during the event in all advertising media

• Obtain data investors name and function and appropriate financial and telephone if possible.

• Support sales team in action as many successful transactions

• Signing MOUS B2B system a system of partnership between companies and local and international major banks

• Public relations PR campaign too large for exhibiting companies between meetings and news websites and interviews in major tv channels vary by type of participation in the exhibition and Forum

• There are many advantages to regular participation care deals

The best party in the world financial markets


-Advantages of exhibiting companies:

• Pavilion equipped or unprepared for joint companies start from 9 to 12 m

• Promote your brand and services to the largest gathering of companies

• Interviewing more than 6 000 to 10 000 invested during the exhibition under one roof

• Adding data to your sales team.

• Stimulate and strengthen sales and marketing system across Face to Face system

• Establish relationships with individuals and companies within the gallery and activate B2B companies

• Company logo as a model in all publications and advertising mentioned in the ad campaign

• Keep abreast of recent trends in the world of business and finance

Arrangement of corporate destinations and booking venues and booking seminars dates according to the precedence of payment and type of sponsor.


• Egyptian and Arab business leaders

• Senior investor in stock market

• Global stock investors

• Seeking new investment opportunity in the world of business and finance and banks

• Members of the Egyptian Chambers of Commerce and business associations members

• Members of the Egyptian Chambers of Commerce with the G20 countries.

• Everyone wants to invest in Egypt in different investment areas

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