Sector Sponsor

Sector Sponsor

Sector Sponsor :

Example: Sector Bank - Sector Broker - Sector Carrier

  •      A vacant space for the establishment of a stand for the Sector sponsor in the main entrance of the conference (27 m ).
  •     The company logo will be placed in the Media Zone, the specific place for TV airing, press and this presence means that the company logo will appear in all pictures, videos and all satellite TV channels.
  •     Sector sponsor logo of the forum and exposition will appear in daily newspapers and magazines.
  •      A speaker in the name of Sector sponsor will attend discussion sessions of the conference.
  •     A free seminar on the second day of the event for 60 minutes
  •    An honorary shield for the company delivered at the closing ceremony of the conference.
  •    A fixed banner in the site of the event, in addition to changing banner inside the cyber site of the event.
  •    An independent conference, in the name of your company, to be held in one of the big hotels, including the organization and marketing, all in free, but not the reservation of the Hotel.
  •    A public relations campaign that could comprise a TV interview.
  •   A service of airport pick up and back to the airport, and to transport the concerned persons to the accommodating hotel for foreign companies coming from abroad.
  •  A design of the company in the special Facebook page of the event, and all social media means.
  •  The Sector sponsor logo of the conference appears in the advertisements of the conference, and not as independent publicity in daily newspapers and magazines.
  •  Getting the registration data of the electronic site, in addition to a complete copy of the customer’s data, of those who attended already the conference.
  •  A public relations campaign about the company’s realizations in the internet sites and news and in printed newspapers.
  •  A campaign of publicity in the name of the company in Facebook and Instgram pages, with dispatching the data directly to the sales team for a 2 weeks period , and providing direct links with the company site or the company page in the Facebook application.
  •  A photo shooting session for the working staff of the company, in a professional manner, to be published in many newspapers and sites.
  •  Granting the Sector sponsor vacant spaces to place 10 roll up banners inside the forum (only spaces) .
  •  Visibly highlighting the name and logo of the company in a big font, on the main board behind the platform, during the conference period.
  •  A special gift, getting data from the company data base of businessmen and investors (a0000 persons) containing the name, phone number and Email.
  •  The company offers you 10 free coupons of service for training staff workers in your company by smart vision.

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